for the love of bands

well, like, yeah, fine, rock.

so many bands, so little time (and slow internet connection)


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there are these days when you just want to disappear. like, is this hormonal imbalance shit, or my mind’s just unstable? whatever the fuck is causing this makes me realize one thing, you can’t be with someone for too long. well, i don’t know how it works with marriage though, beats me. but i guess i have to find my fucking self. can i just disappear in this fucking instant? so many shit going on in my head and around me. i feel suffocated and strangled. i did drag myself to this, now, i cant just get the fuck out. i don’t know what to do. it’s far from the movies i’ve seen, running away isn’t that easy. *sigh.

“You’re just someone to the world but you’re the world to someone else.”

—   You Me At Six, Fresh Start Fever (2014)


New Cover: The Last Sleepless City - “Let It Go”

Originally from Disney’s Frozen

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